Month: July 2017

Do I really need a lawyer?

The simple fact of the matter is that a lawyer’s sole purpose is to assist their clients in a whole host of different matters. Lawyers don’t create the situations where their services are needed. Whether an individual or corporation is engaging in a new business or involved in litigation, lawyers assist, advise and guide their clients through an ever changing complex matrix of laws, rules and regulations that impact all of our lives and businesses.

In addition to a lengthy education, lawyers most often have specific areas of the law that they concentrate in. For instance, some lawyers limit or focus their practice to family, divorce or custody matters. Other lawyers prefer to work with client handling business, real estate or estate, trust and probate matters.

There is no rule requiring a client to hire a lawyer. However, statistics and surveys consistently show that client comfort and satisfaction regarding the outcome of a legal matter increases substantially when the client is represented by a lawyer.

Svingen Law is a law firm with six lawyers with combined experience well in excess of 100 years. We represent clients throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Our attorneys are licensed in both State and Federal Court. Rest assured that if you contact any of our offices, you will be in contact with an attorney that can address any of your legal needs.


July 12, 2017